Wellness Teas

      Age old beliefs in tea’s healing powers are continuously being validated by new scientific discoveries. Drinking Tea is more than a pleasant hedonistic experience. It is also an investment in a healthier future. Teas are particularly rich in Vitamins, Zinc & Antioxidants. Coffee has Caffeine and Tea has Theine. Caffeine and theine are chemically identical, both are stimulants, the only thing that sets them apart is the concentration. Caffeine content goes instantly into our circulatory system jolting us to wakefulness, causing the pulse to beat faster and the blood to pump more vigorously. Theine in tea is a result of oxidised polyphenols which gives it a stimulant effect. We ingest lesser theine in a cup of tea than caffeine in coffee and that releases much slower in the body giving a sense of relaxation while providing prolonged alertness.