Personal Concierge Service


'So long as it is Tea, we will do it'

Our tea expert can help you plan a special event at home...a tea party. They can guide you into your tea journey with the perfect tea recommendations that suits your mood. And recommend the best food and tea pairing!

Wedding in the family? What is the perfect gift to match the colour of the invitation card or the decor of the party...ask our tea expert!

You want to know which tea to serve after dinner and marries best with the dessert...your tea concierge has the answers!

They can help you learn to make the perfect cup of tea for your special one. All you need to do is serve it with love...

Our tea experts are here to help you explore our selection of the finest teas from across the world.

Too many choices? Our experts would be happy to help you select the perfect gift for the occasion.

Find out what is the latest tea trend, which tea accessory is a 'must have' for your private tea bar.

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