Grand Gold Yin Zhen (45 Grams)


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The elixir of life in a golden cup! Cherished for their long, silvery tips covered with a soft down, precious Yin Zhen white tea leaves, otherwise known as "Silver Needles", are transformed into ambrosial jewels plated with 24ct gold. An ornament for the teacup and a marvel for the palate, this molten blend, an exceptional TWG Tea creation, is a talisman, a magic potion which yields a swirling and sparkling infusion with marvellous honeyed overtones. This imperial beverage is truly unique, a glimpse of the divine in a teacup.

Net Weight: 45g

Tea Variety: White Tea, Rare & Limited Harvest Teas

Tea Preparation: Pour 70°C water over 2.5g of tea leaves per cup and infuse for 15 minutes. Remove leaves and serve.

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