Reminiscent of the genteel custom of offering the gift of tea and mindful of today’s customers, TWG Tea continually reinvents, artfully packages and beautifully wraps teas and tea accessories that are elegant, fashionable and conceived above all to give pleasure and to reflect a quality of life. Everywhere, at every moment, TWG Tea appeals to the emotions and the joy of sharing.

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Our Pillars of Sustainability

Our Craft

TWG Tea partners sustainably for quality materials and craftsmanship. Collaborating globally with artisans, they create high-quality products like porcelain collections and teas sourced through strategic alliances, maintaining a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Our Community

TWG Tea supports professionals through training and inclusive initiatives, prioritizing diversity, equal opportunities, and community well-being in its sustainable sourcing practices.

Our Commitment

TWG Tea emphasizes sustainability through water conservation, reforestation support, and the use of reusable materials to reduce waste and uphold environmental responsibility globally.